About Wip:sthlm

Wip:sthlm (work-in-progress) is a collaboration between ninety-three artists working in a for the purpose renovated space at Västbergavägen 26.

Covering two floors we house 71 artist studios, shops, a project-room and an office.

By building an organization where a large group of artists can cooperate, we hope to create a great working space by sharing shops, kitchens and ideas that can make for a generous environment for both artists and audiences.

Contemporary art is in many ways boundless and constantly expanding into new techniques, methods and roles of the artists. Art today is a wide field that allows the artist to use and develop her or his skills in many ways. Art is yet a field that sets itself apart from the rest of society in terms of purpose and goal. Art is a place where new ideas can take on a form and be tried. The competencies artists hold are versatile, deep and communicative. New approaches and ways of looking at art demands new working methods, spaces and possibilities for interaction.