Olov Tällström

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TWISTER is based on turning coloured and transparent discs. With the light going through the discs, optic variations appears. The 25 m long sculpture affects the whole room, and with its movement, it creates a silent, slow, calm wave with colors and reflections in the space. Movement and colours has always been a subject and struggle for artists. Olov Tällström tackles the quest with a bold, boyish determination, but also in a sensible poetic manner, which makes his art both alluring and filosophical.
Twister is a public artwork at Västra Stenhagens Culture and Education Center in Uppsala, Sweden.

Daniel Werkmäster




ZEN is a mechanical and computerized device which draws different
patterns with fine sand on a white rectangle on the floor. At the end of each day, you will find a newly created white surface with a different pattern from day to day. The following day, the pattern will be wiped out and exchanged by another. The framework and the machine will be the same, but as a concept, ZEN is dynamic. It can change and draws new contexts and shapes continously, as you watch.

In one sense, Zen connects very much to Swedish industrial tradition, by its computerized, mechanical construction. In another sense, it is underlining a very old, original and timeless way of drawing, using sand and making realtime drawings.

The installation is called Zen because of its timefactor / timeflow -
- the fourth dimension.
As a spectator, you will get the opportunity to explore your own mind, to meditate if you like. You can see the time passing by, when a sand drawing is shaping in front of your eyes.

Every time Zen is exhibited, it writes a new series of drawings with new contents every time. It shows a wide variety of different items.
It can be a mixture of Islamic patterns, Grandmothers knittingpatterns,
fingerprints to name a few.